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Natural organic products

At Bamboo Breathe & Rebalance, I have created a space which is welcoming, genuine and approachable, allowing an un-intimidating experience with the more personal treatments. With a focus on beautiful, natural organic products and a holistic approach where touch and massage are integral.

Relax in a beautiful and peaceful space, where you can experience calming massage, hands-on treatments, essential oils, organic products and a holistic approach with positive chi/energy. The space is calm, honest and welcoming. A place to Breathe. Inspired by the simplicity but strength of Bamboo!  

Introducing our beautiful and natural organic products: ‘Botanicals’ – Elements from the Earth.  These award-winning personal care and wellness products are blended by hand in the heart of England, using only carefully selected natural and organic ingredients.  They reflect our fundamental belief that nature knows best.  They are also not tested on animals and are cruelty free.  Botanicals is a family run business based on family values.  The Botanicals family is passionate, friendly and inclusive.  Their products are 100% organic and are one of the first ever brands to be certified by the Soil Association.  Botanicals is today, still one of only a few brands to be 100% certified.  In other words, every single one of Botanicals products has passed the Soil Association’s strict organic and sustainability reviews thus ensuring their quality, integrity and transparency.  Discover the benefits for yourself, with hand and feet treatments, massage and our incredible facials using Botanicals products.

Australian BodyCare wax products are enriched with natural antiseptic Tea Tree Oil.  It has been known and used by the Australian Aborigines for centuries because of its powerful antiseptic effects. The professional aftercare range is not only gentle on all skin types, but the tea tree oil promotes skin healing. It keeps the skin moisturised and protected from bacteria that can cause red bumps and skin irritation after hair removal.  It also keeps the skin softened, reducing problems with ingrown hairs, redness and itching.

Calgel is a professional one-step gel system available to certified technicians only.  It is a long-lasting gel that can be applied directly to the natural nail with no primers or bonders.  Due to its flexible nature, Calgel doesn’t chip and offers up to 6 weeks of colour.  It soaks off easily with no damage to the natural nail.  It is also suitable for vegans and not tested on animals.

Shared Beauty Secrets, home of Lava Shells. Lava Shells are the world’s first self-heating massage tools- a patented, all-natural, biodegradable heat technology. These genuine Tiger Clam lava shells are hand selected in the Philippine Islands. After bonding and polishing, they become a wonderful, hygienic massage tool.  They are either collected as refuse, discarded from the islanders, or as they are washed up naturally on shore.  No animals are harmed when repurposing these shells into the unique, ergonomically shaped massage tools they become. This allows them to become a natural extension to a therapists’ hands, delivering a continuous and seamless heated massage.   The angles and edges of the shells allow for deeper work into the muscles, easing away tension and knots.  Creating balance between the entire body and mind, this truly indulgent treatment will start as a luxury and become a necessity.

The Apilus Cleo Blend Electrolysis machine offers a more effective and comfortable technique and is now known as one of the only electrolysis brands guaranteeing gentle 100% hair removal. It’s extremely advanced technology with proven effectiveness in the field of hair removal, offers more rapid permanent results than any other hair removal system. Therefore, any and all unwanted hair can be treated on both ladies and men.  Suitable for small areas of the face including moustache, temples, eyebrows, chin and beard, as well as the body and areas like the underarm and bikini line/genital area. Effective on all skin colours and hair colours including grey.

Current research shows that 1 in 4 women in the U.K suffers from some form of anxiety or depression during pregnancy or after they have had a baby.  MamaBabyBliss  was founded with the sole purpose of supporting mothers, mums-to-be and babies throughout their pregnancy and motherhood.  The incredible MamaBabyBliss pregnancy massage ‘Truly Bumptious’ and the post-natal massage and mini treatments offered ensure that mums and mums-to-be are pampered in all aspects of their well-being.  Alongside the treatments, MamaBabyBliss offers a 100% natural skin care range and products.  Uniquely and expertly created to nurture babies, new mums and mums-to-be from pregnancy to birth and beyond.  The maternity gifts and pregnancy products have been nominated for and won many awards.

Hello, I'm Tess

Years of Experience

So, Me?  I qualified in 1988 so hopefully now I have lots of experience and not just old!  It would be easier to ask what I haven’t done.  I have worked in spas in England and abroad and on cruise liners, management to setting up solo.  In fact, every aspect of the industry I have done. I always seem to come back to hands on treatments and massage.  I have massaged lots of famous faces whilst working on Richard Bransons’ Necker Island in the Caribbean including Bruce Willis and Kevin Costner to name a few. (I asked Kevin Costner what he did for a living!) I set up the spa at Claridge’s. 
Then a six-year break as an air stewardess where I won a trip around the world!  Another adventure.

Bamboo, Herefordshire

Preferring the simpler life, I moved from London to Malvern and now Herefordshire.  My children Maia, Billy and Alex are my tribe!  My sense of adventure and lust for new places has become our caravan where given a moment’s notice I love to plan a trip with my children including Chewie and Toffee the dogs and even Meeko our Ragdoll cat!

I always like to try new things, not always successfully, but invariably with a sense of humour and a lesson learnt. And then sometimes it’s all about the balance so a quiet moment in my pjs with nothing but a good cup of tea, chocolate and a book and I am in my happy place.

What comes next?

I would love to retire in Spain with lots of sangria and my other passion food.  I have a list of places yet to visit and hopefully will grow old disgracefully, have adventures traveling and meet new people continuing to learn and share stories.

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