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Breathe and

Holistic Massage and Beauty Therapy focusing on
Well-Being and Self-Care – A simple and calm space for you to

Breathe and Rebalance

Holistic Massage & Beauty Therapy in Hereford

Enter to the subtle aroma of nourishing neroli and uplifting petitgrain to relax your body and mind; transporting you to a place of calm. Soothing music and soft sage colours. Dimmed lights. Cosy blankets and a heated massage couch. Koshi chimes and natural plants. Indulge your senses. A simple space to take a breath and let go. Holistic treatments to suit your individual needs. Your personal one to one space to rebalance. Allowing all senses to relax.

A safe space with complimentary drinks and a cheeky cake or chocolate to chat or be still. The choice is yours. This is your unhurried time for you. Your space focusing on your well-being. Enjoy your moment of self-care.


Hello, I'm Tess

About me

I am down-to-earth and chatty (understatement). I love chocolate and I’m passionate about beauty, especially massage.  I am also very thorough with a wax strip!  Welcoming, genuine and approachable; allowing an un-intimidating experience in the more personal treatments.  I truly love what I do. I enjoy building relationships with clients and being empowered by the connections and life events that ground us.  A focus on beautiful natural organic products and a holistic approach, where touch and massage are integral.

About Bamboo

On a personal level, like most, I have experienced life’s ups and downs, leading me to re-evaluate who I was, what truly matters, and to be real.  I closed my salon of 15 years and re-opened to now share with you: Bamboo.  A place for me and you. Stripped back to the things that matter, and a simpler space, where I can share my love of all things… massage, hands-on treatments, essential oils, organic products and a holistic approach with positive chi/energy. A space that is calm, honest and welcoming. A place to Breathe. Inspired by the simplicity but strength of Bamboo!

If you are looking for a down-to-earth and non-judgemental space… to simply take a breath… chat or chill, with organic natural products focused on well-being and no interruptions, then welcome
My holistic eco-conscious surroundings allow you to rebalance, and experience the importance and necessity of time for you.

A place to allow you to hold space for yourself

Kind Words

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo isn’t ostentatious in any way but rather visually simple and elegant. To be like a bamboo tree suggests resilience; meaning that we have the ability to bounce back even from the most difficult times. Its leaf symbolises tranquillity. It is also used to promote positive energy flow or Chi in Feng Shui.

Bamboo personifies the life of simplicity. Its ability to cope with adversity and bend, not break is inspirational. It’s strength, flexibility and adaptability are a lesson to us all that the secret to a long happy life is to go with the flow. The bamboo in the forest is unique reminding us to embrace our uniqueness.

Gift Vouchers

I always think the most thoughtful gift you can give is a Gift Voucher for a treatment. It shows that you have chosen a truly personalised gift and given your loved one time for themselves.

I offer Gift Vouchers for either an amount or a chosen treatment.  They can be printed by yourself at home and popped into a card of your choice or mailed directly to you chosen recipient. It really couldn’t be easier but don’t forget you need to drop a hint for yourself!

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